Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

So, yesterday was family day. My husband and I, along with our daughter, made our rounds to both sets of grandparents for Thanksgiving dinners. Yes you heard me right; we have Thanksgiving dinner twice in the same day. It is a small price to pay to live close to our parents. It means more than plenty of turkey, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes and of course my personal favorite...lots of pie, chocolate and pumpkin with the all important mountain of whip cream. After eating two such large meals, I realized that there are both good and bad things about having two Thanksgiving meals while pregnant. (This is not a hasty conclusion, as this is my second year in a row of being pregnant on Thanksgiving.) On the good side, you can eat as much as you like. After all, you only eat part of that sum at each house. This has an added benefit if you are pregnant. (Because then, no one can tell how much you ate, even if they weren't too busy feeling the effects of seconds themselves.) The bad part is that you can't eat very much at one sitting, which is so sad on a day like Thanksgiving.

Apparently, yesterday's running around wasn't enough such youthful people as ourselves, so we spend this morning out shopping Black Friday. I used my time to buy yards and yards of flannel, which was on sale for $1.49 a yard. I will try to post pictures of my shopping trip soon. When all was said and done, I left the store with tons of fabric and 4 1/2 hours of standing in line to my credit. I even made some new friends and met some old ones while doing it. Not bad for a Black Friday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Call for Help

My husband posted this last night on his blog. It is a call for help from one of our family's favorite bands, the Apologetix. A friend of theirs, named Arron Daniels, because of his diabetes, is facing kidney and liver failure. There is a surgery that his doctor feels could cure him but his insurance won't cover it and the procedure carries a price tag of $17,000.

His church has established a fund to help him and his family pay for the surgery. For all the details and his email in case you would like to write him a note of encouragement, please visit the original post on the Apologetix website.

My youngest brother has diabetes, although it is a different type, so this is an issue close to my heart. Please be in prayer for this man and his family as they are traveling through this time of trial. Thanks!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate in the Face of Disappointment

So, as you may have guessed by the kind of posts on this blog, I was not one of those who voted for our new President-elect. And while I believe that our nation is in for a time of trouble, I was trying to find things or reasons to celebrate. Here is what I have so far. (Please feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions and/or a link to your own list!)

1) There will be no more political ads for at least 2 years, 4 if we are talking to the scale that they have been on for the last few weeks. The ads here have been so mean and so great a number that I had to keep the remote by me at all times so that I could mute them and save my sanity. I was so tired of people imitating candidates, accusing them of every sin in and out of the book and using what they think of as clever quips that I couldn't take listening to even one more. The scariest part is that I think I talked to my TV more in the last two weeks than I talked to my husband. And that was just to the ads!

2) Soon there will be less litter on the sides of the roads. No more signs begging for our votes, promising things no one care or even intends to deliver on. There is one sad note however; some poor souls will have to drive around for the next few years with a defeated candidate's name of the bumper of their car. But hey, at least they have some reason for cheer; there is proof that they didn't vote for the winner.

3) And my favorite reason of all; it doesn't matter who is President of our country or leader of any other nation in the world. Jesus is still on the throne where I'm headed. Granted, it doesn't make living here any easier but then again maybe that's the point. After these next four years, maybe heaven will be a more welcomed sight to us than ever before. And maybe, just maybe, we will be more excited about getting there soon. :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

An Excellent Post

(No, I'm not bragging on myself.)

One of my favorite blogs is Domestic Felicity, written by a very dear Jewish woman, whom I admire greatly. Today's post was especially timely for me; for although the examples are talking about men, I think all of us need to be reminded of the great blessing of our calling as wives and mothers. I have been discouraged lately and this post was so encouraging to me. Please stop by and read her post here.

Blessings to you all!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

You know someone is a homeschooler when...

Last night we went to my parents house for dinner and to avoid the tricker-treater thing. I was telling a story to my family about something and used the word "rent". My 7 year old brother looks at me in all seriousness and says, "Do you mean "rent" or "rent"? Because there are two meanings. It can mean "to borrow" or "to tear"?" We all just laughed and I wondered how many 7 year olds actually know that there are two meanings for the word "rent". For that matter, how many adults today with our limited, albeit four letter word vocabularies, know that. But that is another post, for another time. No soapboxing today...


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