Friday, December 2, 2011

A Truly Great Resource

For those of you who have not found their site yet, I wanted to take a moment and recommend Vision Forum to you. They are a great resource for any family regardless of whether or not you have children or how young they may be.

This summer we listened to their Family Strategies messages. They provided a must needed practical boot camp for parents to make wise and informed decisions about their families goals and future. The church today too often neglects to equip parents by teaching on practical subjects, like parenting and how to deal with everyday life situations. Doug and Beall do this in a fun and informative way, while providing plenty of examples of how you can make these strategies work in your family.

They also have a wonderful collection of Christian books, some you can't find any where else. Some of my personal favorites are:
Beloved Bride

Killer Angel
The Family

In addition to books, they have videos, CD's and MP3's, all designed to encourage your family to press on and fight the good fight of faith.

So head on over and see all the wonderful resources they have to offer! :D


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