Friday, May 9, 2008

It's a lonely world in here

Due to moves beyond our control, I have been without blogging for about a month now.

I am so excited to finally be able to blog and communicate with the outside world that I am breaking with tradition and blogging today about absolutely nothing a.k.a. my feelings.

Normally I trying to make my blogs meaningful, encouraging or at least humorous. Today, this blog is for me. I am reveling in a moment of happiness that I am no longer cut off from the world outside; limited to outside contact through only my cell phone, the evening news, and an occasional radio broadcast when driving in the car. No, now I have the world at my finger tips. I can talk for hours, blog at will and never again miss a news story. I have the whole world at my finger tips and I can have it all. Except peace and quiet, for some one will see me online and want to talk while I really should be cooking dinner. Or efficiency, because I will find someone out there that I haven't talked to in years and forget all about the laundry that has been stacking up in my dryer for a week already. Or time with my family because I'm busy trying to catch up with all the other blogs I read. But hey, I need the time to escape, right?

Now, before I get comments about what I just said, I am only half serious.

Blogging isn't all bad. Not having it for so long made me realized that I missed talking to people. But also that I need to keep it from consuming all my time. My daughter is already 3 months old. If I get too busy blogging, she'll be 3 years and I won't remember any of it.

But for as much time as I can get, I am going to enjoy blogging. I just hope I can remember everything I've learned this past month...


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