Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Newest Addition

Our newest little blessing arrived August 29th. He weighed in at 9 lbs 11 oz, 11 oz bigger than his nearest sister. :D We are both doing well and enjoying having our first boy in our home.

As for a name, I was thinking maybe I'll take suggestions...So far we have Baby Beloved and Wee Beloved. What do you think?

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, he is a great favorite with both of his big sisters. They can't get enough time holding him and kissing him! :D


Baby Barbara said...

Always a blessing to have a new little one! We look forward to reading more.

Lloyd said...

God's blessings have arrived. I have really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blot and check it out. God's blessings. Lloyd


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