Friday, April 1, 2011

Project:Simplify Week Four Results

This week was by far the easiest for me. Since I started using the one day/one room method of cleaning, my kitchen has stayed under control. But this did give me a chance to catch up on a few projects and I am pleased the results.

I started with my small kitchen pantry, where I store just enough for a week at a time. I have found that for me, shopping with three children 3 and under, once a month shopping is the way to go. So I store most of my groceries in a closet downstairs.


Then I cleaned off the top of my frig, the spice cabinet and the inside of both the frig and the freezer, none of which had very interesting pictures but I am happy to have them tidy!

Finally I finished off Wednesday by cleaning out the oven, which was so dirty that I was too ashamed to take a "before" picture, and organizing my downstairs pantry, which was so messy, I could barely walk in it anymore!


All in all, a good week! Only one more week to go!!! Head over to Simple Mom and enjoy everyone else's hard work too!


Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

Once a month grocery shopping? Wow! How do you do that?

HisBeloved said...

I'll be posting about it soon. :D


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