Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little here, a little there...

I have been pondering ways to save a little money in the grocery department. I know, I hear you...use coupons. Okay, I do, but I buy natural, organic, bulk, make-from-scratch kind of stuff and these are not normal coupon items. Now I will use them for treats, toiletries and diapers but that is about all I find useful in the coupon world on a regular basis.

Another idea often suggested is that you stock up on items that will last when you find a good deal, but often I find that I have done my shopping for the month when I find such deals, meaning that there is no more budget for such things. And today it hit me: I should set aside an amount each month for just such items. (For those of you who have been doing this for a while, tune me out but if you are like me and this is a new revelation, feel free to read on...)

So say you have a month budget of $500 for your family. And you find you can make it on just $450 each month. Then you can take that extra $50 and save it for the time cans of peas are $.50 or when you find toothpaste for $.75 a tube. Or maybe you decide you'd like to buy a side of beef each year, well then that money will come in handy when you need to pay the butcher.

You may only have $20 space in your budget but don't despair, that $20 a month becomes $240 in a year and once you start stocking up at cheaper prices, you can take the money that you would have spent on those items and add them to your stock up budget! Soon you'll be ahead of the game.

Anyone have an ideas they want to share about stocking up? I'd love more tips!

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