Friday, January 9, 2015

Paul's Parenting Principles- I Timothy 6:7

I Timothy 6:7-

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

The Christian life is all about perspective. We live on earth, but we invest in heaven. In all we do, we have to remind ourselves that we can expect different outcomes and different rewards because this world is not our home.

We were talking about gain last time and we spend a good deal of time in our everyday lives thinking about gain and how to get more things. But as Christians and adults, deep down we know we can't take it with us. We know we bring nothing and take nothing when we go. But what are we teaching our children by our actions and attitudes? Do they know from the way we interact with our stuff, the truth of this verse? Things are fine; they make life easier or provide us with fun or many other things. But remember they do not last, so teach them to hold them loosely. Enjoy them, but know that they are here today and gone tomorrow.

What are some ways your family has taken this to heart?


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