Friday, March 12, 2010

Practical Tips on Raising Godly Sons

Today is a first for my blog. We are having our first guest post. It was writen by my mother-in-law over at Domestically Inclined. Since she has raised two boys, and I have none, I thought I would ask her to share some of what she has learned about raising boys to be godly men. You can click here to read the entire post Practical Tips on Raising Godly Sons, but I will give you a little teaser to get you going.

"The Helpmeet and how to find her:

If your son has been listening to God’s heart and your advice on waiting for God to bring him a godly young lady, this can be a most lovely time. A good measure of a future husband is how the young man treats his mother at this point, for he will be treating his future wife the very same way soon. A Gentleman knows that gallantry is not dead. He opens the door, he stands when a young lady enters the room and he offers his seat up for her. He, like Jesus, loves her as his precious Bride.

Know the kind of woman God calls worth more than rubies, a virtuous woman who loves
God with all her heart, and will love and serve her Lord and husband and family all the days of her life. God gives young men a picture of this woman in Proverbs 31.

One good reason to marry is to serve the Lord better together as one, than separately. While your son is serving the Lord it is a good time to be watching and praying for the one! Of course Mom and Dad are on still on their knees praying for the same thing! He could be working so hard at this point that he may not even notice the godly young lady right under his nose! Not to worry, God is in control!"

Now head out and read the rest of the post and start training those young men...we're going to need some in about 20 years! :D

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