Monday, June 14, 2010

A Saturday of Bargains

This weekend my husband and I took our girls and spent a little time shopping for some deals. We started with book shopping and I found a hardback copy of Elisabeth Elliot's The Shaping of the Christian Family for $8. I had a copy once upon a time but it is no longer with me so I was thinking I would pick it up. Then I opened it up and found that it was a signed copy! That sealed the day for me!

Then we have been talking about getting a second computer so we could write together but were not willing to spend a ton of money on a new computer. So we took a tip from the Duggar family and went looking for a hard drive at the thrift store. And what a blessing, we found one that works great for only $20! It's amazing what gets passed off as junk sometimes! So now we are able to sit side by side and write! Praise God for that!

How did God bless your weekend?


hawaii2nc said...

I went to a thrift store this weekend also! One that I go to all the time. I can get clothes for the kids usually for $.50 or $.75 a piece. I went on Saturday and found the older kids some clothes that they were needing. I wasn't going to go into the "back" area where they have other "stuff" because the baby was starting to fuss. I went anyway just to look "real quick". I went over to the small appliances (where I had found a small food steamer when I really needed it to make some baby food for the last baby) and just so happened where I stopped to take the baby out of the carrier, I saw on the shelf a baby monitor. I'd been telling hubby we needed a new one because one of the ones we currently have is about 10 or more years old that a friend had given me and hasn't been working so well lately. It looked like it had been used a while, but it didn't look like it was a real old model. It was marked $4, and everything in that area is half off, so I figured for $2 I can get it and try it. So I brought it home and hubby was a little weary about it. I plugged it in, and it works GREAT!! I was SOOO thrilled!! It's funny how when you "need" something, it almost lands in your lap. The same thing happened with the food steamer, I had just so happened to find it the day I got it.... I was soo Thankful!!! :o))

Domestically Inclined said...

I just love it when God works things out like that!


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