Friday, March 11, 2011

Project:Simplify Week One Results

So cleaning out my closet this week, I learned a few things about myself:

#1 I don't own very many clothes that fit me.

#2 I own enough clothes that will never fit me again to start a small clothing store.

In case you missed this weeks "hot spot", you can hop on over to Simple Mom and see what we were up against.

Oh and before I begin, I must also add a disclaimer, I am apparently a terrible photographer. Not only can I not hold the camera straight (it doesn't help with the children won't sit still) but I also can't seem to remember to take those all important before shots. So if you see a picture that doesn't have a matching before or you start feeling a bit queasy, I'm sorry in advance!



Now before we go on, do you see that blue tote on the floor? Well, that used to be full of sentimental clothes, now it is only 1/2 full. Yes, I'm very proud of that one. I only saved those dresses that my mom made for me and a few others that I wore on special occasions like graduation.



Not too much different but then there wasn't that much to get rid of. :D

My Jewelry~Before

My Jewelry~After

Again not much different but I feel de-cluttered now. :D And I managed to weed out a necklace holder full of necklaces I never wear.

So all in all it was a good week. I ended up with about 3/4 of a large lawn trash bag full of things to get rid of. Rather easy for me but I'm sure my Waterloo will come...just wait until we tackle spare rooms...


ErinG said...

Good for you! I plan on tackling my closet very soon and I know I have to be ruthless. I'm sure I'll have plenty of things for the clothing exchange at church this spring. :)

Kelly C said...

I'm a little fearful of what might be next also. One closet is fairly contained, but if we go to the spare room/office I may be in trouble also.
Thanks for sharing.


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