Friday, March 18, 2011

Project:Simplify Week Two Results

I've been weeding through the mass of paper that has steadily been over taking my home, well, as long as there has been a home to take over. I remember being a newlywed and going through stacks of paper together trying to figure out what we should and shouldn't save. (It doesn't help that my husband and I both are pack rats. :D)

So when this week's project was announced part of me was wiping my brow relieved to have another fairly easy week. The other part was in a dead would I solve the paper gather mess???

I spent most of the last week going through our family book collection getting rid of books we don't want or need...most of what I weeded out were old textbooks that are outdated and useless to us. But I digress...The main point in this exercise was to clear out my son's room, so that in about 6 months when he is ready to move upstairs, he can get in and out of his room. It has been our catch-all/storage room for the past 2 years and it wasn't going to clear itself out. But again, I digress...

While cleaning out his room, I found a little shelf I had used in college as a bookshelf. And it hit me (a solution, not the shelf), I could use this to house all my paper clutter!

So this is what I did:

Up until now, my kitchen island instead of being used to prep food or something kitchen-y, has been my catch-all paper holder. You can see the difference that just one little shelf made for me!

Now I can use my whole island without trying to move papers so they won't fall into the food or any of the other crazy things I was doing. I just need to get some contact paper to cover those wipes boxes and we'll be in good shape! :D

The best part is that the whole project didn't cost me a penny! Thank you, Lord!

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