Friday, November 7, 2014

Bonus Day! (Sort of...)

I Timothy 3 is full of instructions to Timothy on the duties and responsibilities of being a bishop and deacon. There are many things in there, especially for our sons that will help inform and instruct them. They may not ever be a deacon or a bishop, but these are good principles for training our sons to be godly men. The same is true of I Timothy 2:9-15 for our girls. But I wanted a certain flow in the posts, so I am taking those two topics on at the end of our time together, instead of now.

These are times in which we are losing the definitions of what it means to be a man and a woman and if we fail to teach things that are as fundamental as that, we lose a large part of our foundation. To be who you are supposed to be, you have to understand who you are, as a human and in Christ. That is part of why we study the scripture; to know the will of God. Learning what it means to be a godly man or woman, will inform every step of every day. And there is no point at which children are too young to begin to understand where they fit in God's order and what He expects of them and us.

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