Monday, June 23, 2008

Home as a Haven Monday

I came across this Making Your Home a Haven Monday today and decided that now was my time to join.

As recommended, I will start at the very beginning. My morning routine is this:
1) Get up, fed and change my daughter
2) Take a shower
3) Start a load of laundry
4) Clean up dishes (load dishwasher and hand wash what is needed)
5) Read Bible and eat breakfast (feed body and soul all at once)

This way I have a good start on my daily chores. The hardest part for me is getting up in the first place. Once I'm awake, I'm usually okay, unless I have had a particularly late night or something, which is probably why God gave me a beautiful daughter with such a sunny smile so early in the morning.

Now, on with the challenge...

First, Refresh Your Spirit (5 minutes)

I read Philemon this morning. I haven't read it in a while. I love reading through Paul's letters and seeing the names he mentions. Each one represents a person with a life story, even if all they have in the Bible is a greeting from Paul. One of my favorite names is Apphia. The only time she is mentioned in the Bible is in Philemon 2, "And to our beloved Apphia". She is the Lord's beloved. She is dear to Him and He knows her story, from beginning to end. And I love the meaning too, "fruitful". She was fruitful for the service of the Lord. Oh, that He will make me fruitful in His service too!

Some people speculate that she was the wife of Philemon, and maybe she was, but God loved her even if no one else ever did. And I love that.

Second, Take Time to Plan (5 minutes)

My to-do list for the day is as follows:
1) Wash 3 more loads of laundry
2) Write a grocery list for tomorrow
3) Unpack more books
4) Make dinner
5) Fold laundry and put it away before Baby's bed time.
6) Organize the laundry area

As for what I am making for dinner... I'm thinking Hamburger Stroganoff and peas sounds yummy!

Third, Do Something! (15 minutes or so)
Today's challenge is to clean up the laundry room. Since I haven't done that yet, I think I will take that challenge. I will post pictures later so y'all can see the transformation! Once that is done, maybe laundry won't be such a chore!

Here is the laundry before:

And after:

While I was at it, I clean the adjoining bathroom too. Before:

And after:

Blessings, dear ladies!


Suzanne said...

Your blog photo, of the bed and breakfast, is simply beautiful.

Reading your to-do list inspires me to go work on mine!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Excellent job! I have such a challenging time, also, getting up in the morning. I must work on it.

Since summer has started though, my son and I are reading our Bibles at the same time (and I am reading a short devotional and another little booklet)every day! That is such an improvement for us - I am very happy!

Fay said...

I need to start reading your blog more often! I wish I could get a daily routine going, it's going to get even more difficult when school starts!


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