Friday, July 25, 2008

Frugal Friday: Sailor Showers

When I was a kid, we lived in a desert where water was scarce. We had been in a drought there for as long as I could remember and we had to try to save water where ever we could. One of the ways we learned to do that is to take sailor showers.

The process is very simple; when you are not wetting yourself down or rinsing, turn the water off. It may sound like you are not saving much water but if you consider how much time you spend, standing there with the water on but not using it, I think you will see what a difference this can make. Plus the more people in your home who take showers, the more water you will save.

This process has one other benefit. The less water you use in the shower, the less water your water heater has to heat, thus saving you money on your electricity bill as well!

Blessings to you all as you try to be Frugal!

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my house by the river said...


Yes, I agree with you. In fact, I have thought my children and husband to do this same thing. Our water bill has gone way down because of it :)

Thanks for sharing...



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