Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny or Sacrilegious?

Check out the Apostle's Comedy skit by Ron Pearson. Then let me know what you think. (Just click on the Apostle's clip towards the bottom of the page.)

Here are some of my questions:
Is there such a thing as Christian comedy? Should there be? Is this funny to you? Or somehow sacrilegious? Or could it foster sacrilegious attitudes? I'm just curious what your thoughts are on this.

Thanks in advance to all who comment.


Mrs. V. said...

Hi! I got everthing figured out this morning and got my award post put up. I don't know why it was giving me problems the other day - it did just fine this morning. Thanks again!!

Birdie said...

I could not get the video to load, so I cannot comment on it specifically. However, I will go ahead and share my opinion on the subject (although I am certainly no authority!). I would say that "no", comedy is not inherently Christian nor is music or the written word, or even the spoken word. They can each be used to convey a Christian message, but each can just as easily or perhaps even more easily be used to convey a more worldly one. When one is in a position of leadership or authority, one is being held to a much higher level of Biblical accountability. Pastors, music leaders, writers and even comedians who stand up in front of others and claim to represent G-d, are in a position not only to bless and edify others, but also to easily lead them astray. Anytime someone dabbles in scorn, or mockery, one is probably more likely to cause others to stumble or even to fall away. At the very least, that person is in a prime position to cause hurt feelings and stir up strife. I do believe that laughter is a blessing and it certainly does us good to laugh. We just have to walk circumspectly as it were.


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