Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning Has Sprung!

In addition to caring for my two little girls, being pregnant with the third child and my husband being busy with tax season, it is spring cleaning time here.

In a way, I am very excited, since this is my first year of spring cleaning. This is the first time we have not moved more than once in the previous year, thereby cleaning and weeding through junk more than once. But I must admit that spring cleaning can be daunting. So, even though it is recommended that you commit the few days in a row to getting it all done at once, I find it impossible to do that with where I am in life. But after two weeks of working at it bit by bit, here's is what I have done:

~Mopped the kitchen and dining room floor by hand
~Clean all the fronts and bottoms of the kitchen cabinets
~Wiped down the stove, including underneath the burners and stove top. I still have to clean the oven...which in my opinion is the worst spring cleaning chore.
~Cleaned out the coat closet and the linen closet
~Wiped down the washer and dryer to clean up all the lint and spills that happen when washing laundry in a hurry!
~Cleaned our my 2 year old's drawers and replaced the size 3's with size 4's. Hopefully she will slow down soon so we can make it through a season with just one size!

And currently I am working my way through our boxes of books, weeding out books I didn't like, haven't read and probably won't read, or books that we have more than one copy of. And of course the inevitable stash of old college textbooks you keep thinking that you may need again if they weren't already obsolete before you graduated!

My most dreaded chore, besides the aforementioned oven cleaning, is washing the outside windows, which I will be tackling just as soon as we have a nice day... on a weekend... where my husband is home to help watch the little ones. No, I'm not stalling! :D

I had planned to post pictures of my adventures but I forgot to take the before pictures so you can't see what great progress I've made. Bummer... Oh, well. I have plenty of chores left to photograph!

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