Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Organization: The Fall Fronier

I will start this out on honest footing from post #1: I am NOT an organizational guru. I hate schedules and I don't like all the fancy apps and gizmos designed to "make life easier". They overwhelm me. Naturally, I'm a "just wing it" kind of girl, the kind that makes a list for the hundredth time and loses it again. Up until I had my youngest to date, I could still make that work. Now I find myself facing baby #5's fast-approaching arrival and I still feel like I'm trying to adjust to baby #4! So I decided that I'd better get some things in hand first, before we start this next adventure. Thus, this month-long journey to more organization. Notice, that I didn't say just organization, but rather MORE organization. Let's face it, Rome wasn't built in a day and the perfect organization system for me won't be either. Right now, I'll shoot for better. Maybe great will be baby #6's goal...

Anyway, I thought this first week I'd better tackle myself. If I can't be (more) organized, how am I going to get my house and children working like a well-oiled machine? Plus, if mom is mentally, spiritually and physically organized, she's so much more ready to help her family follow suit. So, my plan is to set goals each Monday (or Tuesday in the case of a holiday) and check in on Friday to see how we all are doing. (Notice how confident I am that you will be joining me on this journey!)

Goals for the week of September 3-7:
1) Make daily Bible reading a must, one chapter and a few minutes to pray and prep
2) 8 Minutes in the Morning, every morning
3) Revise daily routine calendar and add in Daily Docket (Organized Simplicity)
4) Revise homemaking binder to reflect new appointment schedule

Tomorrow I will be posting my favorite get organized resources, so if you have one to share, don't forget to stop by and leave a comment!

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